Great Fundraising:

Increase your income and unite your organisation.


Philanthropy & Fundraising International can help you to become a Great Fundraising organisation –

one where everyone is focused and energised on fundraising to achieve long-term sustainable growth.


What is Great Fundraising and who is it for?


Great Fundraising is a philosophy of income growth based on sustainability, mission based communications and donor satisfaction.  Its foundations are in academic research and its superstructure grows with learnings from an increasingly successful client base.


It is hard to achieve, but it works.  


Our clients get financial results, achieve inspirational cultural change and increase their ability to deliver their mission. 


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The Great Fundraising Research

The academic studies behind Great Fundraising

The Great Fundraising Masterclass

Deliver transformational growth for your organisation

Great Fundraising Creative Sprints

Collaborative seminars to develop donor-centred communications

The Certificate in Great Fundraising

Take your fundraising career to the next level!

The Behaviours of a Great Fundraising CEO

Discover the behaviours of a Great leader

Everything starts with a conversation

Talk to us about how to transform your fundraising...

  • The Behaviours of the Great Fundraising CEO