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This was such an inspiring course – by the end I was impatient to start Great Fundraising right away! Perfectly made for fundraising and not-for-profit leaders. This course gave me real structure and practical tools to apply the learnings based in good research, with case studies to prove it works. It was such a pleasure to share with other leaders in the sector our true stories, well told.

Rose Young

Baptist World Aid Australia


I’ve learnt more in the past 72 hours than the last 10 years of fundraising. It’s the single most transformative learning experience in my professional career. Success, real success, starts here!

Matt Wigginton

BEN – the automotive industry charity


We came to the training confused and lacking focus about fundraising in our organisation, however, the 4 days were transformational for us in what we can do and what we can achieve. We never thought those things were possible and you just made it sound so easy and plausible.

Bisi Alimi

Bisi Alimi Foundation


If you want to improve your fundraising skills, this is the place to start. The combination of academic research and case studies from years of practical fundraising, were excellent. The participants were challenged throughout the course with exercises where we had to apply what we learnt. This I found particularly useful. I can highly recommend the course to anyone who will improve their fundraising skills, whether you are a fundraiser, director or CEO.

Ina Toften

WWF Norway


The Great Fundraising Masterclass really connects the dots between programs and fundraising in a very enlightened, donor-focused way. If you want to lift your organization, start with this course.

Karen Holbrook

Corus International


The PFI team has a way of coaxing you back to your core reason for existing and tapping into that purpose as a starting point. The work we did took place at a whole of organisation level and we were inspired to set a big ambition and stay the course, even when transformation proved challenging. We always refer back to those early conversations and are enormously grateful for the inspiration to take the steps to truly embrace Great Fundraising. Our community of donors and our beneficiaries thank you!!

Scott Chapman

Royal Flying Doctor Service Victoria


Having been introduced to PFI’s approach and the analysis behind it, I believed we would be failing in our duty to people with macular disease if we did not strive to become a Great Fundraising Organisation. It is only by raising much more money that we will be able to fund the research to find a cure and provide the support people with macular disease need. Working with PFI helped us define our ambition and focus us on the critical issues. Making the enormous changes necessary, while keeping our talented staff and our loyal donor base, was a bigger challenge than I thought but it is now, without doubt, bringing rewards.

Cathy Yelf

Macular Society


PFI worked with teams from across Young Lives vs Cancer through a sprint and design lab approach to co-create an engaging immersion programme for the whole charity. I know that this programme will form a foundation stone of our work to make our fundraising great and to bring donors and supporters and their stories into the heart of our organisation.

Luke Mallett

Young Lives vs Cancer


Taking a mix of trustees and staff from across the organisation to a Great Fundraising Masterclass to work with PFI was crucial to SCIAF starting to become a Great Fundraising Organisation. We have a new sense of purpose, a new way of thinking and believing, and a new energy, which will get us over the line.

Penelope Blackwell



Many light-bulb moments at the Great Fundraising Masterclass! We shared experiences, struggles, and discussed ideas as an industry. Anyone who manages a Fundraising team would benefit from this course.

Tania Penny



Taking a mix of trustees and staff from across the organisation to a Great Fundraising Masterclass to work with PFI was crucial to SCIAF starting to become a Great Fundraising Organisation. We have a new sense of purpose, a new way of thinking and believing, and a new energy, which will get us over the line.

Penelope Blackwell



I will definitely recommend this masterclass. Nowhere else in the world you can find a training of this quality that sets out so clearly how a charity can be successful in fundraising. Decades of practice and science come together in an inspiring and applicable vision.

Jos de Wit

het Gehandicapte Kind


I can highly recommend the Great Fundraising Masterclass to anyone who is looking to increase their fundraising performance. The Masterclass inspires you to review your current strategy through understanding your ‘why’. Learning how to communicate powerful emotional stories, how to build a fundraising culture and drive sustainable growth through your new ambition are just some of the valuable topics facilitated by fundraising experts. If you are looking to take your fundraising to the next level and learn with the best in the field the Great Fundraising Masterclass is for you.

Jonet Warhurst

Cancer Society, Otago and Southland


If you want your non-fundraising staff to fully understand the nature of your organization, have them take the Great Fundraising Masterclass!

Jack R. Joyce

St. Labre Indian School


The shift in our internal culture has been huge. The relationship between the Care Team and Fundraising was, at best, ambivalent. Now, those two teams cannot do enough for one another! In the past, our Fundraisers had experienced a lot of resistance from the Care Team to using service users’ stories in external comms. But now our Care Team and Senior Leadership Team are comfortable asking the families whether they would like their child’s story to be told. That may seem like a small shift – but it is huge!

David Pastor

Claire House Children's Hospice


Working with PFI over many years has given me the building blocks, the principles and the courage to be a brave and proud fundraising leader. The foundation to my strategic approach, the growth of my team and even more importantly my understanding of donors have all come from the academic learning, creative guidance and inspiration from the PFI team.

Jayne George

RNLI Lifeboats.


Our experience at the Great Fundraising Masterclass has proved to be a game changer for Aberlour. It enabled key people outside fundraising to understand what we needed to do, and why that was so important. Focusing on a new ambition united everyone around one goal and the creative articulation was truly inspiring.

Pippa Johnson



The impact of attending the Great Fundraising Masterclass is immeasurable as it set us off on a journey of continual change, improvement and professionalising our fundraising. The New Ambition  Workshop changed our ambition – to eradicate leprosy one person at a time as we will ‘spot it’, ‘treat it’ and ‘stop it’. It improved the way we look – our colours;  the messages we convey; the calculated risks and a vast increase in investment in fundraising. The impact has been truly great, awesome.

Linda Todd

The Leprosy Mission Scotland


Professional, international, motivational, energising.

Andreas Rösch



The masterclass was full of insights that fundraisers around the world instinctively understand. We know what Great Fundraising looks like, but for the first time I was shown how to achieve it. Importantly, we were given a roadmap to help the whole of our organisation achieve it. This has been hands down the best fundraising course I've ever seen.

Matt Middler

Waverley Care


It was the best fundraising course I ever did. Great Fundraising is a wholistic approach, based on evidence and research. And next to that very practical. With great examples and moving stories.

Samuel Visser

World Vision Nederland


I found the Great Fundraising Masterclass to be empowering and validating. Hands down it is the most useful fundraising education I have ever attended, all backed by insightful research which gives great confidence in the programme content.

Eleanor Cater

Community Foundations NZ


PFI talk about and sell fundraising as an investment and it really resonated with the Board, coming from a world of businesses and number crunching. It was a shift in their thinking…an investment opportunity – and they have thought about fundraising in that light ever since. It resulted in the Chair standing up at the end of the day and stating an audacious fundraising goal because he was so inspired!

Marie Quirke

Royal Flying Doctor Service Victoria


The layering process we were able to go through, all staff and some key trustees together was intense, demanding, fun and enlightening. Being able to include a wider team by doing a virtual seminar was important as non-fundraising staff and trustees could be included. And they suddenly 'got it'. You can almost hear the moment it happens. We experienced the powerful transition together and so the important buy-in needed to support fundraising followed.

Julie Harrington

Guts UK


Working with the team at PFI was a pivotal moment in the development of our fundraising. The Great Fundraising Masterclass is exceptional – a practical blend of proven theory, and creative work in an emotional space, that gives you everything you need to super charge your fundraising.

Nick Carroll

Together for Short Lives


Transformational fundraising at CHAS started at the Inch in 2016. It enabled us to define our why and new ambition. It united and energised everyone across CHAS with a shared purpose to reach every family across Scotland that needs us. The team, many of them new to CHAS, visited in 2019 and in three days created a focus, team spirit, shared vision and single-minded purpose that would have taken months in any other circumstances.

Iain McAndrew,

Children’s Hospices Across Scotland – CHAS


It really makes you step back and look at the very big picture. It's often hard to engage non fundraising staff in fundraising or to make them feel any responsibility for it but this gave me clear ideas as to how to achieve this. Prior to working with PFI there was great internal scepticism and reluctance to in engage with and invest in fundraising. Now, all staff, Strategic Leaders and Trustees are fully supportive of fundraising and the change in how we talk about and describe ourselves as a charity.

William Oviatt

The Thistle Foundation



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