Our purpose is to help you accelerate growth in your fundraising income.

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Our clients are charities, NGOs and non-profits worldwide.  They serve a huge variety of causes and are of all sizes.  They begin at a variety of stages of fundraising development – from turn-rounds and stagnant programmes to start-ups and those who wish to raise the ambition of and build on an already successful programme.

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Our unique insight is that fundraising acceleration requires the support and involvement of departments well beyond the fundraising team itself – boards, executive teams, communications teams, programmes, advocacy, research, volunteering and finance all play a pivotal role in enabling rapid growth.  All our work is therefore designed to reach these audiences as well as to empower all the active fundraisers.

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The problems we solve for our clients are many and varied.  The top five are:

  1. Lack of belief across the organisation that fundraising growth is possible and desirable.

  2. An organisational culture lacking focus and energy.

  3. Internal conflict and prejudices about fundraising culture, investment and communications.

  4. Inadequate levels of fundraising knowledge at cross-organisational leadership level.

  5. Fundraising communications being sub-optimal and lacking focus.

Our credentials derive from four sources:

Our services can all be delivered online or ‘in real life’:

Academic research.  We are reliably informed we are the largest private funder of fundraising research in the world.  Our research is released to the sector free of charge.  You can download copies here.

Action research.  We monitor hundreds of organisations worldwide to give us measurable insights into the behaviours of organisations which achieve rapid fundraising growth.  These learnings are distilled into articles which you can read here.

Our clients’ results. Some of our successful clients see immediate and striking uplifts in fundraising results.  All of our successful clients see multi-year compound growth in fundraising income.  You can see summaries of some client results here.

Our team.  

Through their previous careers and their time consulting at PFI, our team have been responsible for fundraising many billions to spend on mission.  You can read brief summaries of their credentials here.

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Inspiration. Helping your entire organisation believe that rapid fundraising growth is desirable and possible.  To achieve this, we offer a range of short seminars or presentations in areas ranging from research summaries and behavioural design to fundraising communications, finance and investment.

Education.  The heart of our service is the Great Fundraising Masterclass.  Most of our clients start with a number of key personnel attending a ticketed version of this.  We also provide bespoke education including this masterclass, CEO and executive team training, board training and specific training on finance, culture and fundraising communications.

Design.  Co-creation seminars and support to develop and gain organisation wide buy-in for fundraising brands, fundraising ‘new ambitions’, appeals, campaigns, theories of change, cultural development programmes, fundraising strategies, organisational strategies and investment strategies.