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Introducing you to the people behind Philanthropy & Fundraising.
An international team offering a local service. 

Sylvia Costantini

Managing Director, PF Europe

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  • Sylvia is a former NGO Chief Executive and fundraiser with over 15 years’ experience growing income and running organisations across continents.

  • Her expertise is in helping organisations transform their culture and embrace fundraising, no matter their size, mission or geographic location.  

  • Sylvia has a leading role in delivering seminars, masterclasses and keynotes across our whole client base.  She works with our clients across the globe on their fundraising ambition, culture and strategy.

Kerry Vandersypen

Client Services Director, PF Europe

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  • Kerry was the very first person to implement ‘Great Fundraising’ while she was at WSPA (The World Society for the Protection of Animals – since renamed as World Animal Protection.)  She achieved income increases of hundreds of percent.

  • Complementing strategic and insight with a very hands on role in framing and creating communications, Kerry is expert at turning ambition into action.

  • Kerry’s clients always comment on the focus, energy and determination she brings to their teams, with an uncompromising ‘JDI’ approach.

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Mark O'Donnell

Strategy Director, PF Europe

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  • As CEO, Mark launched Great Fundraising at two previous organisations – CHSS and Sight Scotland – before joining PFE.  Mark brings extensive change-management leadership experience.

  • His expertise is in understanding the bigger strategic picture facing charities and how functions, processes and culture must align, to drive bold missions in a virtuous circle.

  • Mark supports organisations to create the effective, integrated strategies and plans required to overcome creative tensions and barriers, and allow truly great fundraising organisations to emerge.

Dave Sturdy

Creative Director, PF Europe

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  • Dave has been with PF for several years after a long and illustrious agency career, always specialising in charity and non-profit fundraising.  His portfolio of communications has raised many hundreds of millions and won multiple awards.

  • An unusual talent is Dave’s ability to ‘co-create’ – a USP of the PF Group.  This means having the wit and patience to work with client teams, from within and without the fundraising department, to create communications with them and reassure and inspire themselves as they go.

  • Dave is hands-on in developing creative concepts, normally as part of a seminar, and oversees our creative output globally.

Alan Clayton

Chairman, PF International

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  • Alan brings 30 years of fundraising experience, moving from in-house and agency work to a consulting portfolio which measures its success in billions.

  • His expertise is in bringing belief, confidence and energy through a unique mix of rigorous research and logical analysis alongside deep work in the powerful, focussed emotional space.

  • Alan is deeply embedded with large growth programmes such as Unicef and RNLI.  He also provides the insight, energy and focus for many of our creative sprints.


Howard Lake

Consultant, PF Europe

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  • Howard Lake is a digital fundraising entrepreneur, and has been since the mid-90s when he was pretty much the first of the breed. He publishes UK Fundraising (, the news and community site for fundraisers, having worked as a fundraiser at Oxfam, Afghanaid and Amnesty International UK.

  • He wrote the world's first book on digital fundraising, co-founded learning and recruitment service Utopy, created the Fundraising Camp event series and chairs the CIOF Fundraising Awards judging panel.

  • Howard provides inspiration, education and design services across the whole portfolio and of course has a particular role in advising on the role of digital in driving growth.


Fiona McPhee

CEO, PF Australia & New Zealand

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  • Fiona co-founded PFANZ after a 20 year career in fundraising agencies and data consulting businesses.  She has helped drive growth across a plethora of organisations across all sectors.

  • An evidence based approach allows Fiona to both inspire and reassure on the leadership and strategies required to unlock growth potential within organisations.  She also provides the insight to donor behaviour that frames great fundraising communications.

  • Fiona provides hands-on training, research, consulting, planning, coaching and co-creation projects across all sectors and sizes of organisation.

Maree Daniels

Client Director, PF Australia & New Zealand

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  • Maree has 20 years' experience in fundraising, communications and community engagement. She successfully implemented ‘Great Fundraising’ at her last charity post, leading a spectacular re-launch in Australia.

  • Her expertise is in connecting fundraising, communications, marketing and brand and bridging the conflicts that can paralyse fundraising.

  • Prior to joining PFANZ, Maree drove growth as a consultant at organisations such as PetRescue and Plastic Free July. 


Kyla Shawyer

CEO, PF North America

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  • As COO of Operation Smile, Kyla increased the donor file by <1,000% raising hundreds of millions of dollars.  She then went on to coordinate global fundraising as CEO of the Resource Alliance.

  • Kyla’s expertise is in leadership and creating the focus, energy and behaviours that unlock and drive fundraising growth.

  • Her extensive knowledge and work within the social impact sector enables Kyla to drive purpose-driven, transformational culture change projects based on Great Fundraising that unify and ignite positive change for clients.

Tina Hudgins

COO, PF North America

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  • Tina has been a fundraising leader for over 20 years and joined PFNA from International justice Mission where she achieved >250% in individual giving income and >200% in mid-value giving.

  • She specializes in shaping strategic ambition in practical and realizable plans and actions, putting in place mass giving programmes which prop up the entire income pyramid.

  • Tina has recently supported Lutheran World Relief in achieving enormous bounce-back growth and launched a plethora of growth campaigns across North America.


James Tennet

Events Manager

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  • James has a long heritage in curating global seminars and a proven track record in delivering revolutionary events and experiences from the London 2012 Olympic Games to pop-up cinemas in New York, Ibiza and the UK.  He is best know in our sector for having curated the International Fundraising Congress (IFC) for six years.

  • Seminars and events are core to providing growth programmes that achieve understanding and buy-in for clients, so James’ role is pivotal in ensuring best in market status.

  • James also consults for international conference organisers and has recently co-curated the re-launched ‘Faith and Fundraising’ conference in Milwaukee, USA.

Malene Fregil

Seminar Designer

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  • Malene has had a career in non-profit development following an education in ethnography and cultural development for the University of Copenhagen.

  • There is academic theory and research behind everything we do and when it comes to teaching and seminar design, this is provided by Malene.  She sees connections, patterns and solutions in complex situations.

  • Her expertise is in designing engaging and effective learning experiences that lead to real-world results.

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Helen Jaconelli

Finance Manager

  • Helen’s main job is as our own finance manager, working with all our global offices and partners and supporting the board in our own investment strategy.

  • However, Helen also has a prior career working with fundraising organisations and agencies, having previously worked with Alan in this area.

  • Sometimes a client needs help and support wit the nitty gritty of systems and planning for fundraising growth, and this is where Helen can help.

John Murdoch

IT Manager

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  • John has over 25 years of experience in the IT sector and data management.

  • He has developed and implemented the IT systems used across PFI word-wide.

  • His role at PFI is part time, and in the rest of his time he has a specialism in providing IT support services to small and medium sized charities.

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