Seminars to meet your needs

Not everyone is the same. We all face different challenges and have different needs.


Our seminars are designed to provide the best solution for you – and this includes the way that we deliver them.


The Inch Hotel, a historic country lodge overlooking Loch Ness, may be the home of Great Fundraising, but we know that Great Fundraising is just as powerful when it is delivered online.


So, at our place, yours or online – whatever you choose – the content, process and the speakers will still be the same. As will the quality of your output and the outcomes that you achieve.


Please get in touch today to chat to a member of our Seminar team.

Online Events

Get inspired by Great Fundraising over Zoom. Our online sessions have been skilfully designed to maximise your learning experience.


Do not fear Zoom fatigue. You will enjoy the same interactive seminar just from the comfort of your own home.


Distance is a thing of the past.


Come together, wherever your location, and be inspired by your own ability to create powerful communications, unite your organisation and learn what is needed to make fundraising fly.   


We are able to offer online seminars in multiple time zones, including creative services. Please get in touch to design your bespoke seminar.

In-person events at The Inch

There will be times when you choose to get together. For this we are delighted to offer you exclusive use of the Inch Hotel in Scotland for your seminar.


Coming together will enable you to energise and excite your staff and help to overcome any cultural challenges– internal conflict, communication – that you may face.


Why not combine the Great Fundraising experience with some intensive team building to get your team fired up and aligned behind fundraising?


We are now taking bookings for seminars at the Inch Hotel to take place in Autumn 2021. These are in very high demand and we will be opening our waiting list soon.


Online Events

Why this would be best for you if you need:

  • Achieve a united approach to fundraising around the world where you need to engage multiple teams from different countries.

  • Engage and enthuse large numbers of staff by allowing them all to participate and ‘own’ the outcomes of your learning.

  • Bring together our team from across the globe to provide the best seminar for you.

  • Flexibility in terms of availability and timing, wherever you are in the world.

  • Cost -effective.

Perfect for... 

The driven team who wants to get going.

In-person events at The Inch

Why this would be best for you if you need:

  • Immersive and intense experience offers the ultimate in-person team building opportunity.

  • Scotland's most famous loch and the natural beauty of the Highlands offers boundless inspiration and the ideal location to reflect on your learning each day.

  • Focus without distraction whilst we look after everything else.

  • Boost motivation and team engagement by getting to know each other better, a fantastic way to increase productivity, creativity and morale.

  • All-inclusive cost.

Perfect for... 

A team that needs an extra boost of inspiration.

Being able to include a wider team by doing a virtual Masterclass was important as non-fundraising staff and trustees could be included. And they suddenly 'got it'. You can almost hear the moment it happens. We experienced the powerful transition together and so the important buy-in needed to support fundraising followed.

Guts UK

The programme you have honed to perfection exceeded at least my expectations hugely, and probably everyone's. Thank you for making it work so brilliantly for us. And thank you also for the two stunning slots of what we had naively imagined would be "down time". None of us will forget the experience of drifting along the Loch sharing the astonishingly beautiful, raw scenery in that winter sunshine.

Macular Society, UK

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