Richard Turner

Seminar Director 

My speciality is to help clients see that the fundraisers alone cannot do Great Fundraising. There must be a culture that enables what we call ‘whole organisation fundraising', no matter your size.


With this in place you can create an energy and excitement throughout an entire organisation that ensures the donor gets the best possible ‘product’ and experience from their giving, from the emotional stories you are able to tell, to the difference their donation makes and how good you can make donors feel. This is when fundraising can really fly.

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Richard on Great Fundraising:

Understanding that giving is a human need. Good fundraising is about fulfilling the donors need. ‘Great Fundraising’ leads to donors giving more, and for longer, which helps them feel good.

Clients on Richard:

Under Richard’s guidance we have transformed our charity. By setting a clear ambition and giving each donor the personalised experience they deserve, we are seeing the first fruits of sustainable growth.

Joanna Bega, Child Rescue Nepal


Richard is Seminar Director at Philanthropy & Fundraising International and leads on delivering New Ambition seminars and Great Fundraising Masterclasses across Europe. With a fundraising career spanning 30 years, Richard has led and been the Director of Fundraising for both small and large charities. Richard’s key experiences and strengths lie in achieving dramatic fundraising income growth using his track record in success.


As Director of Fundraising at FARM-Africa, Richard kickstarted and grew the individual donor base by seven times over five years. More recently, as Chief Fundraising at SolarAid, Richard grew income by 5-fold over 5 years and significantly impacted SolarAid’s mission.


Richard is skilled in enabling charities to apply Great Fundraising thinking for themselves. By enabling organisations to make progress and reach their desired outcomes, Richard understands the critical importance of helping clients to build the right culture for their ambition and fundraising to flourish.


Early in his career Richard was awarded the Institute of Fundraising’s Fundraising of the Year Award 2000. He is currently a trustee of SOFII – the Showcase of Fundraising Inspiration and Innovation.