Great Fundraising on the ground – inspiration and stories from around the world

Getting a handle on Great Fundraising takes time. And it’s not an overnight fix, or a quick solution to your problems. Transformative income change is hard, and requires commitment, uncompromising leadership and strength of purpose.


Our brand new 20-minute seminar offers you the opportunity to discover the impact that Great Fundraising has had for organisations around the world – and are live, one-time only events.


The Micro-Masterclass is absolutely free to join.

Great Fundraising Micro-Masterclasses offer an opportunity to hear the inside story of those who have already transformed their organisation. That is, they’ve removed internal blockages, enhanced their cultures, refocused their communications, and raised a whole load more money for their causes than before.


Designed to inspire we hope that these short seminars give you the insight and information you need to impact on your income – and mission.

During the sessions, you’ll hear the stories of successful charities, non-profits and NGOs who’ve made the transition to becoming Great Fundraising organisations. In an informal setting, we will share what Great Fundraising organisations did, how they did it, and what it took to get there. You’ll also get the opportunity to ask PFI leaders questions on how Great Fundraising works and why it’s a critical aspect in fundraising growth.


After joining a Great Fundraising Micro-Masterclass, you’ll have new input on:

  • The skills needed to deliver transformative cultural, financial and creative change.

  • How to use inspirational influence and leadership to unlock the investment you need.

  • The results other organisations achieved after going through the Great Fundraising Masterclass.

  • How to start creating a plan for how to start your journey towards Great Fundraising.

Who should attend?

  • Ambitious fundraisers.

  • Senior leaders such as Chief Executives, Board members, and Directors or Heads of Fundraising.

What’s the approach?

You’ll receive a top-level presentation on Great Fundraising that will showcase the measurable growth and change other organisations have achieved through Great Fundraising. Delivered by our Seminar Directors and partners, fundraising leaders and senior leaders of charities, non-profits, and NGO’s are welcome to join us for these weekly 20-minute, free online presentations and discussion.


Where is it?

On Zoom. All we ask is that you bring a coffee and your enthusiasm to learn!

Great Fundraising Micro-Masterclasses are free to attend and available to everyone. Designed to inspire and educate please share these with your wider organisation to get everyone on board and involved in achieving Great Fundraising.

If you have any questions and queries, please contact us.