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Great Fundraising Fest

Inspire your team to create fundraising communications that get results.

Wednesday 24th March 2021.

Only £20.21 +VAT                  Places are limited.

Great Fundraising campaigns rely on great creative work.


But creative doesn’t raise money alone; it is just the tip of the iceberg. In this fast-paced presentation, you’ll learn from some of the best creative fundraising campaigns from around the world, why they worked and what you need to do to lay the foundation for Great Fundraising in your organisation.


Great Fundraising Fest is a celebration of hard-work and determination.


Focused communications have the power to achieve phenomenal financial results that energise and unite the whole organisation behind fundraising growth. But they are not easy to create.


During this one-off international seminar the Philanthropy & Fundraising International team will share the thinking behind successful creative giving you both the inspiration and ideas to take back to your own organisation.

Working with PFI’s creative team in a week-long sprint was revitalising. Through their process of educating and inspiring pride in fundraising, our internal creative team was able to reconnect with the emotion, passion and belief inherent in the charity’s purpose, in the problem we’re here to solve.

Clic Sargent

A celebration of fundraising creative


After attending Great Fundraising Fest you’ll be able to answer:

  • What is the optimum culture for developing fundraising creative?

  • How to achieve focus and energise your staff, volunteers and donors?

  • What makes a powerful fundraising communication?

  • What is the role of your brand in fundraising creative?

  • How leaders can overcome conflict when creating communications.


Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to develop creative that inspires your teams and meets the needs of your donors. This includes:

  • Senior leadership who want to instil a culture where powerful fundraising creative can flourish.

  • Fundraisers who want to inspire themselves and educate non-fundraisers on the science behind fundraising communications.

  • Internal creative teams who want to learn new techniques and ideas.


Learning style and location

Great Fundraising Fest features a series of short, fast-paced presentations with guest appearances from non-profits around the world. A combination of education and inspiration, time for delegate questions factored into each session as well as discussion between delegates. This is a real-time, online seminar that will give you the motivation to overhaul your fundraising communications.



How one creative relaunched a new surge in fundraising.

Lutheran World Relief

Nailing the fundraising problem without compromise.

Make-a-Wish Nederland

Introducing the use of emotion in storytelling.

Special guest Hans Broodman, Nassau Fundraising

Macular Society

Focusing on the most powerful problem for growth.

Overcoming internal conflict about fundraising to meet donors needs.

Children's Hospices Across Scotland - CHAS

Building an engaging fundraising-led brand.

Guts UK

Creating focus and energy internally.

WWF Norway

Growing fundraising to match the scale of your ambition.

Changing the culture of an organisation because ‘good enough’ is not ‘good enough’

Discussion & close

How do we apply this to ourselves?

Time for coffee breaks, questions and discussion have been included in the programme

This is your opportunity to discover the science behind the fundraising campaigns that have driven income growth. And once you know, you can do it yourself.

Places in this special International Great Fundraising Fest are limited.