Adrian Lorentsson


Seminar Director

My speciality is to help clients dive into the problem they’re trying to solve and keep them there until they’ve nailed it. Doing that is really hard, uncomfortable and exhausting and requires focus and energy.


And once you’ve nailed the problem, we’ll discover the emotional space where we’ll find the fundraising gold. With the help of our amazing creative team, you’ll be set up for long-term success. The reward for sticking to this process is not only utterly inspiring but will raise you a lot more money.


Adrian on Great Fundraising:

Seeing an organisation rediscover their fundamental core is one of the most satisfying parts of Great Fundraising. When that happens, the money and the mission become the same thing and fundraising can really fly. My absolute favourite part of Great Fundraising is to see clients take that newfound insight, focus, energy and drive and put it into practice, because when they do, fundraising takes off.


Adrian Lorentsson is Creative Director of Philanthropy and Fundraising International. He joins us following his time in Melbourne, Australia, where he was Creative Director of Robejohn and Associates. Before this, Adrian was Director of Communications for the Norwegian Association for Youth Mental Health and helped to build the organisation from scratch over 12 years.


Adrian is responsible for growing our creative work across Europe. He also designs bespoke co-creation seminars for clients. By getting organisations into one room, his seminars cut through inter-departmental misunderstandings, unite people in the emotional space and identify the most powerful idea to inspire staff and drive fundraising growth.


Although the process of change isn’t easy for clients, Adrian is well-versed in perseverance and objection handling. And it’s this determination that enables clients to overcome internal blocks, crystallise top-level concepts and creative briefs, and build an outstanding fundraising culture. 


Adrian is an award-winning public speaker and a dual citizen of Norway and the UK.